Courage. Compassion. Community!

The Firefighter Foundation is a registered Charity which is committed to making the Community a safer place. Our Motto is ‘Courage, Compassion, Community! We believe that in the current economic climate when relying solely on government to make society safer is less likely! We need to look to ourselves to make things happen. The community can help itself be a safer place.

DSC_7127 (2)Founded and run by firefighters from all over the United Kingdom since 2001. We want to make a difference in our community. We are a non profit and non political charitable organisation. We are Independent from fire brigades and the fire industry but are supported by many. We believe in a grassroots charity in making things happen by taking responsibility together for our future.

Our Charity mission is community safe, community strong. We promote safety in the home through encouraging ownership of smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and fire safety. We promote safety in our community by promoting ownership of Automatic external defibrillators in schools and good citizenship. We focus primarily on the most at risk but are committed to safety for all.

The firefighter foundation is committed to promoting and preserving the heritage of firefighting. We delivery educational programmes and conservation  projects through our Heritage Centre. We educate the community on the heritage of firefighting encouraging interactive involvement. We actively preserve and restore firefighting heritage. Our Ethos is, ‘Remembering heroes and inspiring new ones ‘.

DSC_7268The Firefighter Foundation believes in a Holistic approach to a better society. We promote self sufficient renewable and sustainable community safety programmes. Promoting a positive proactive citizenship approach. We want to encourage Blue sky thinking for a fresh approach to community engagement.  The community taking responsibility for their own safety.  Our website includes  Safety Advice, Our Campaigns and Firefighter Heritage.

We want you, the community to adopt the Foundation Motto,

‘Courage, Compassion, Community’.

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