Sweetheart Sam

Hey guys, my name is Sweet Heart Sam.

Sweetheart Sam is the firefighter foundations little friend who will help you through the step by step guide to getting your defibrillator. Sweetheart Sam has a big heart which is full of life and wants you to have the same. Sam can stand for Samantha or Samuel or you decide. Sweetheart Sam has a mission for everyone to have a health happy heart which is full of life. Let’s follow Sam and make sure we have defibrillators in every school.

Sweetheart Sam

Sweet Hearts

The Sweetheart Campaign is created to help schools and leaders of groups own and understand the importance of having a defibrillator. 270 children die every year from cardiac arrest and 12 young people die every week. That is nearly one child every day and two young people. AFor Jimmy Seal Black copy Defibrillator could save these lives. We work in Partnership with Foundation For Jimmy to make every child in the country Defibrillator Protected.

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A Defibrillator or Automatic External Defibrillator is a device that shocks the heart back to life and stabilises the heart beat. For every minute a casualty is without a Defibrillator they have a 10% chance of not survival. This combined with CPR will ensure the best chance of survival for a child or an adult.

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As teachers or parents you really need to understand that a Defibrillator is a life insurance for your children throughout their whole academic life.

Without a Defibrillator a child will possibly die if they have a cardiac arrest.  It does not have to be a cardiac arrest directly, any indirect cause like electrocution, or drowning can bring on a cardiac arrest. Cardiac Arrest can also occur after a Heart Attack.

Unfortunately, it is not law that all schools and places of education must have a defibrillator. We are campaigning and lobbying the government and working with politicians to make this compulsory in the future. Until then you as Teachers, Parents and Leaders must take responsibility and make the difference in your schools. We must ensure that defibrillators are on the premises and ready to use to protect our children’s lives. The School could also benefit from reduced insurance costs as most insurance companies will look favorably on a school with a Defibrillator.

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If you’re reading this then you have already started the journey to make a difference and you can make the difference which could potentially save a child’s life by your decision to take action.

Let’s make it happen ourselves with our step by step guide you can self raise the funds to purchase your Defibrillator. The Firefighter Foundation works in Partnership with St John Ambulance. Through our  website your can purchase the St John Ambulance Defibrillator and in doing so you will receive free training on its use and on how to perform CPR. St John Ambulance have kindly provided a heavily discounted price for our Defibrillator package to anyone who purchase their Defibrillator through the Firefighter Foundation.

The Defibrillator package. When you purchase a Defibrillator through the firefighter Foundation you will be transferred straight to the St John Ambulance website. The firefighter foundation take no fee or commission from the sale or in anyway benefit. This is to give you peace of mind and ensure you that The Firefighter Foundation is completely financially transparent when encouraging you to purchase. We just want our Community Safe!

Let’s all protect our ‘Little Sweethearts ‘and keep them and our community safe!



Sweetheart Sam


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This section helps give advice and ideas on fundraising to purchase your defibrillator. Click on the Free Download below for a copy of this section as a PDF.

Download as a PDF

Parents and Guardians

Getting the Parents or Guardians contributing in your campaign is a great way of raising the funds to purchase your defibrillator as it encourages the parents to get involved and can bring the school together as a team. Engaging the parents is key to a successful outcome as parents can take responsibility for their children’s safety. If you explain the importance a defibrillator could have on their child’s life.


Depending on the number of children in your school.  If you can get the parents on side with your campaign a minimal donation from every parent could be enough to raise the money in one go. Depending on the schools size a two to three pounds donation from each family could achieve the fundraising target immediately. However, it is worth bearing in mind that in these times of economic difficulty this may not be possible for all parents.  We do believe that parent participation in achieving defibrillator ownership for their school is essential, if not through donations then in a supportive roll. Community Spirit is foremost in our aim for the school fundraising. It is important that the school is showing a community spirit of getting the defibrillator together as a school community. We have designed a parent/Guardian Letter to use if you wish, click on below for free download.

Click here to download our template letter to give your Parents.


Below are Links to Interactive Fire safety Games for Children of all ages!

Click on the link for the free fire safety Interactive games of Tanni Fire Safety   https://www.wafersmuseum.org.uk/tanni.htm

Click on the link to the free app called Sparky the fire dog please note this app is free only on the appstore for Android. These are great links for getting children interacting with fire safety through games. All our downloads on our website are free.


We recommend to teachers and parents our free children fire safety colouring handouts. Click on each one to download.

CHILDREN COLOURING HANDOUTS – Fire Engine  Firefighter 1  Firefighter 2  Fire Dog  Fire Extinguisher  Fire Rescue  To the Rescue  Run from Fire  Fire Escape Plan  Stay Low when Escaping   Keep Away from Electric  Don’t Play with Matches   Fire Safety Game



Sponsor Fundraising

Getting the children to undertake a sponsored event is a great way to fundraise. It gets the children involved in the process of fundraising and gives them a sense of responsibility and ownership to the school campaign. A sense of everyone pulling together. Click on the link below for our free Download Sponsorship Form.

Sponsorship form

School Fete or Jumble sale

This is a great way of using the school itself to fundraise, it opens the school up to the public and showcases the schools community spirit. It also gives the local community an opportunity to get involved and contribute. It shows to the community your commitment to making your school and the community a safer place. As your defibrillator could be used on a Teacher, Parent or Visitor  in cardiac arrest not only protecting children but adults .Even utilized by the public if needed to help someone in the vicinity of the school. By opening up your campaign to the local community you are promoting the importance of Defibrillators in saving lives in schools and also in the community.

Drama, Musical or Sporting Event

Why not use your students’ talent to fundraise for your Defibrillator. A School Play, Musical or Sporting event is a great way to raise money by charging an entrance fee or tickets to the show. This again, gives the children a sense of ownership and responsibility and also encourages the parents and community to get involved and contribute.

Local Business Sponsors

Involving the business community can be a great way of fundraising and inviting the business community into your school. This shows good community spirit and also makes local businesses aware of the importance of  having a defibrillator themselves . A defibrillator in their office or shop is so important in protecting their staff or their customers. You as a school are taking the lead in making the community aware of the importance of defibrillators and making the community safe. Reaching out to all aspects of the community, the business community may very well like to sponsor a defibrillator for the school or even additional Defibrillators for other groups in the community.

Anyone in the community including businesses can use the Firefighter Foundation website to own a defibrillator as the step by step guide can be used to purchase a defibrillator through our partnership with St John Ambulance. If a business does sponsor a Defibrillator they will be on our sponsors page with a free link to their business and could off set the cost of the donation with their tax as it is a charitable Donation.

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Outreach to Volunteer Community Groups

As a school once you have your own defibrillator you could also think about fundraising to purchase a defibrillator for other groups in the community as a community engagement project. Volunteer groups who would struggle to fundraise for a defibrillator could benefit from your schools help. This community engagement could show the schools strength of community spirit. It demonstrates that your school has a commitment to excellence and good citizenship which will reflect as an example to your students. Get your school involved!

Look out in December for our ‘Defember’ Campaign, Defibrillator Awareness Month. Give your child an extra gift this Christmas! The Gift of Life with a School Defibrillator!


Sweetheart Sam

Reach your Goal

Once you have raised the funds to purchase your defibrillator. First Congratulations, well done. You can now connect to our link to St John Ambulance and follow their instructions to purchasing a Defibrillator. Follow their step by step guide. Once you photo 2 (8)have made your purchase you can arrange for  St John Ambulance training team to visit your school and deliver the free training package. Once you click on the link it will take you out of our website to St John Ambulance.

Visit St. John Ambulance Link

Remember to return to our website to finish the final stages of ‘Sweetheart Sam’.


Congratulation Awards and Ceremony

Now you have purchased your defibrillator and arranged with St John Ambulance when their training team will visit and deliver your training. You deserve congratulations from the Firefighter Foundation Team. We would like to provide you with a Certificate of Commendation for your achievement of purchasing your defibrillator. You can print as many as you want and it is free. You could also ask your local fire station to attend and take part in an award ceremony at  your school. It is important to take the time to congratulate your school including all the supporters on your great achievement. Therefore we have also provided a Parent Congratulations Letter to Download for free. Click below for Certificate and Parents Letter. Congratulations and Well done!


Click Below for your free Certificate of Commendation

Click on the download for our Certificate.

Click below for your free Parents Congratulations Letter

Click here to download Parents Congratulations Letter




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